Travel the World in Books

This is an ongoing challenge, in which I aim to read as many books from different countries as I can. I count a book either if it is set in another country or if the author is from there, but in some cases I use my own judgement whether or not I think a book deserves to be considered from a certain country. I have also restricted the ones from the UK and USA (since I imagine lots of the books I read will be set there) to ones for which I feel their setting is particularly important to the story rather than just coincidental.

This challenge is hosted by Mom's Small Victories (where I originally discovered it), I'm Lost In Books and Savvy Working Gal.


Click here for the original post from Mom's Small Victories, which gives all the details of the challenge as well as the link-ups for each continent.

Here are a couple of my introductory posts to give you an idea of how I will be participating:

And here are the reviews of my geographically-diverse reads, sorted alphabetically by continent and country:




Scotland (I'm counting it separately - just roll with it!) - John Macnab by John Buchan

North America 

Jamaica - Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys (also partly set in Dominica)


South America 

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