Monday, 16 June 2014

A blog is born...

Hmmm... I'm kinda struggling to come up with a fitting way to start this thing, but oh well, here goes:

TA DAH! A blog!!!

Meh. That sort of worked. As you may have already guessed from the title, this blog will be about all things book related, from my favourite authors, my book-spirations (it's a thing), and reports on what I am/have been reading. 

I was inspired to do this by a combination of things. Firstly, I had a go at one of those buzzfeed quizzes where I checked off all the books I'd read and it gave me a (pitifully low) score. Besides the simple annoyance of getting a low score on quizzes (you think you're better than me, eh buzzfeed?), it also made me realise how many brilliant classics I've missed out on reading just through not getting round to it... Hopefully this blog will change that! 

This combined with my appreciation for the ever-bookwormy Rory Gilmore from the show Gilmore girls (I downloaded every series off itunes... in German! Long story..), and my recent discovery of this awesome blogger who is doing the Rory Gilmore reading challenge (mega kudos!), has given me the necessary kick up the backside to start taking reading seriously* and share my love of books with the world!

Plus I have a serious kindle-book-buying addiction... 

Yes I know it's my 3rd Kindle... They like to break, OK?

I'm not doing the Rory Gilmore reading challenge, simply because I cannot justify buying/borrowing any books other than the hundreds buried in the depths of my kindle (not to mention the mountains waiting for me in my room at home). Who knows, maybe I'll attempt to follow in my favourite Gilmore's footsteps after I've waded through that lot!

So anyway, without further ado, here we go! Let's enjoy some dashing good books!**

*We're not talking boring seriously here, just more focussed enjoyment. Rules help CONTROL the fun! (Whaddup Friends fans)
**Pretty proud of that pun! It took me all evening to think up a name no one else had...

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