Tuesday, 22 July 2014

A Seaside Getaway - Holiday TBR

It may seem a little bizarre to be talking about a seaside break when I've just got back from France (where I was living right on the beach!). But this time I'm heading to Cornwall in the UK to visit a German friend and her family who are on holiday there (long story!), and will be gone until Sunday. In between introducing the Germans to the wonders of Cornish pasties and cream teas, I will be taking the opportunity to get through some books on my To-Be-Read list.

A lot of orange in this pile for some reason!

I'm really looking forward to reading most of these, but this one especially:

This one's by Mark Gatiss, Dr Who writer and actor (among other things). Having picked this up ages ago at a market stall, I've been meaning to give it a go for a while:

Though the cover is a teensy bit stained... and not by me!

This is a recent purchase so I'm still feeling the buyer's buzz, but I'm not actually very keen on dystopian novels, so we'll see how I find this one. Doesn't look very long though so I should be OK...

On the plus side, hooray for cool typography!

Need to power through and finish this one... I was actually really enjoying it, but nonetheless managed to put it down and pick up something else because, urgh, French:

That cover! *shudders*

Finally, this is what I'm currently reading (though I put it temporarily aside to re-read Harry Potter). Looking forward to getting stuck in again.

And, of course, I've always got my trusty kindle in case of emergencies!

In my trusty Sherlock Holmes kindle case!

I've scheduled some posts to come out while I'm away, so I shouldn't drop off the face of the blogosphere completely! 

What do you think of my holiday TBR? Any opinions on the books I've chosen? Have you ever been to Cornwall? Let me know in the comments.

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