Tuesday, 16 June 2015

One Year Bloggiversary - 25 Facts About Me

So today, dear readers, is my ONE YEAR BLOGGIVERSARY! Say WHAAT!? It's been a whole year since I published that awkward introductory post and dived headlong into the world of book blogging. Though I've definitely not been the most consistent with my posts and the challenges of my final year of university did rather put a damper on my reading plans, I have really loved getting stuck into the blogging community and learning a whole lot about books along the way.

So in honour of this momentous occasion, I thought it was about time I wrote a little something to help you lovely readers get to know me a little better! I recently launched a shiny new 'About Me' section, but it's not very detailed. So here are 25 (mostly) non-book-related facts about me. Enjoy!

1. I love playing the piano. I'm not really a performer so normally this just means jamming on my electric piano with the headphones on. My fave things to play are the late Romantic composers, especially Debussy and Ravel (big up the classical music, yo!). I also play the clarinet and flute.

2. Mulan is my favourite Disney film. (Though me and Disney actually have a bit of a love-hate relationship...)

3. I love knitting.

4. I am a Christian.

5. I am obsessed with the Wicked soundtrack. Seriously, I could listen to it on repeat for ever and ever.

6. If I could punch one song in the face, it would be 'The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers' from Disney's Winnie the Pooh. Actually, I just passionately dislike everything about Disney's Winnie the Pooh.

7. My knowledge of the Harry Potter books and films is embarrassingly extensive. I feel like this isn't all that uncommon in the book-loving community, but around most other people it earns me some funny looks.

8. I love Ultimate Frisbee.

9. I really dislike hearing children speak French.

10. I'm a massive sucker for strawberry chocolate. In Germany they have these things called Yogurette and I could just eat them forever.

Definition of heaven right here

11. I can pretty much quote the entirety of the film Chicken Run.

12. I was a gymnast in school.

13. I am obsessed with nail varnish.

14. I am firmly of the opinion that tea is the best medicine.

15. I am very fond of bad jokes, and if they involve puns, so much the better.

16. I can solve a Rubik's Cube (thanks to YouTube...)

17. I really really hate tomatoes.

18. My walking speed is well above average. I put this down to many years of running late and having to power-walk up the hill to school.

19. This year I got involved with the Christian Union's work with international students, which was the most fun and rewarding thing ever. I love internationals! <3

20. I adamantly disagree with anyone who would call the German language 'harsh', 'ugly' or 'aggressive'.

21. I have a nerdy love for Medieval and Renaissance French literature and culture. I blame my awesome lecturers at uni ;)

22. I have a not-so-secret mega-crush on Alfie Enoch, who plays Dean Thomas in the Harry Potter films.

"I can make your Deans come true"

23. I also really enjoy baking (I just wrote that as 'bacon'! I enjoy that too..!)

24. I firmly believe letter writing is the best form of long-distance correspondence. My friend and I write to each other regularly, and getting actual letters IRL is the best feeling!

25. One drawer of my desk is entirely devoted to chocolate and sugary snacks.

So there you have it! You now know a little something more about me than you did before! Please feel free to share any random/hilarious/awesome facts about yourself in the comments, or let me know which one(s) of my facts interested or surprised you the most.


  1. Fun list! Happy bloggiversary!

    I'm a recent convert to tea, but I've come to agree with you. Best cure-all ever!

    Keep an open mind about tomatoes. I hated them when I was younger but they eventually grew on me. Now, I grow them!

    I'm old enough to remember pre-email. I miss writing letters, so I send them to my niece in Florida. Cool that you're keeping the tradition alive!

    1. Thanks! Being British, I think loving tea kind of comes with the territory ;) but I have recently branched out into different types of tea. I always offer a hot beverage when people are upset :P And I'm not entirely convinced about tomatoes.. It would definitely be more convenient if I liked them because people always sneak them into sandwiches, but I've tried and tried to like them to no avail.

      Letter writing is definitely one of my favourite things! I'm glad to hear you still get the chance to do it :) Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. congratulations!

  3. A superb assortment of random facts. My about page does not have quite so many, but I'm confident one or two are hilarious and/or awesome. Nice to make your acquaintance.

    About me, The Once Lost Wanderer: http://100greatestnovelsofalltimequest.blogspot.com/p/am.html

    1. Haha thank you! I'll be sure to check your page out :)


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