Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Last Days of Summer - Village Fair & Book Haul

Well, the month of September is well and truly over, which means autumn is practically upon us, and that means back to university for me! But I'm not going to write about that just yet, I'm still clinging to one last vestige of summer... this post about my local village fête! Hurrah!

To be honest, this fair is nothing particularly special, just your bog standard village affair with a few stalls, games and food stands. But I go every year, and it has a certain nostalgia for me. 

So here are just a couple of snaps in case you want to enjoy it with me! (Spoiler: There are books at the end...)

Remote-control boat racing on a miniature 'lake'. Fun times all round. 

What's a fête without a tombola? I for one don't want to find out...

Random crêpe stand with some lovely British flags. What would our flag have been without the Scottish bit, eh?

Marching band performance from the local regiment. Quick march lads!

And, of course, the bane of my life that is The Second Hand Bookstall...


But, of course, I did not resist. With so many great books on offer and an amazing 5 for £7 deal (yes please!), how could I refuse!?

That's right, I couldn't.

I haven't read any Evelyn Waugh yet, but Brideshead Revisited is on my Autumn TBR list, so hopefully I'll like his writing.

Heard this mentioned many times before and thought I'd finally pick it up!

Rather enjoyed the first one so thought I'd give the second one a go. Wasn't such a fan of this film, so we'll see.

My mum mentioned this to me years ago, and I think there's been a film. So yeah, about time I read it I think!

And I also bought Never Let Me Go (you can tell how organised I am with my blog posts... or not...) but I left it back at home.

So there you go, I hope you enjoyed this last little snippet of summer! The weather where I am is still pretty warm so I'm also clinging to that, but soon I'll just have to accept that it's time to break out the knitwear (which is actually no bad thing).

Have you ever been to a village fair like mine? Are you still clinging to summer or are you already keen to break out the woolly socks? Let me know in the comments!

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