Sunday, 17 May 2015

Life Update: Finals, Frisbee and Free Books (sort of)!

So once again there has been rather a lot of deafening silence on the ol' blog as of late... I apologise for leaving you in the lurch without any explanation. The boring but true reason is that I have been completely snowed under with exam stress, and have barely been reading anything let alone finding time/headspace to write blog posts. But that doesn't mean nothing exciting has been happening in my life! Here's just a quicky update on what's been going down lately:


Oh finals. How I loathe you. Because studying languages is extra fun, they like to set us ALL the exams. So far I've had 3, and I still have 9 more to do over the next 3 weeks. The joys. I opted out of doing a dissertation though, so at least I've spared myself that particular delight.


This is a rather more fun piece of news! I may or may not have mentioned on this blog (I have a feeling I wrote about it in an 'About Me' section that never fully materialised.. Something else to work on this summer after the dreaded exams are over), but I took up Ultimate Frisbee this year. It's super good exercise and loads of fun, and I've met so many amazing people! My only regret is that I never discovered it until now! In the last few weeks, I've become extra obsessed (could be exam avoidance perhaps..?), and have played in a couple of super fun tournaments. If you ever get the chance to give Ultimate a try, definitely go for it! Best decision I've made all year! :D (You can probably gauge my enthusiasm levels from the number of exclamation marks in this paragraph...!)

See if you can spot me (hint: I'm upside down)

Free Books (sort of)

This news is more blog-related, and combines success with utter failure. A couple of my language buddies and I managed to get second prize in a department pub quiz and won ourselves Amazon vouchers (success!). I then managed to buy books online to double the value of the vouchers (failure), somehow not even apply the discount until after my purchase (double failure), and then accidentally get them to deliver to my parents' address (triple failure). Serves me right for trying to do fun stuff before exams are over. Oh well! It means I still actually have the voucher credited to my account (HELLO more 'free' books).

Happy quiz (almost) winners

So that's pretty much it for now! Apologies if you don't hear anything from me for the next 3 weeks... See you on the other side (if I survive...). Lots of love to all those of you who have stuck around and still want to read what I write despite the long periods of silence! You guys rock :)


  1. Lovely to hear from you - don't count accidentally getting double the number of free books you would have got anyway as a failure! Best of luck with those exams :)

    1. Thanks Susie :) Haha no I suppose I shouldn't. It still involves lovely new books, which is something I can definitely get behind. Thanks for the well-wishes!


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